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M.Abid is my name. People call me abid for short. People wish me “happy birthday” on 22 march. I will be turning 17 on that day this year. [[2011]] Currently In a Relationship,sorry =D no more vacancy . I'm still madly in love with Her and she was the best :') My cats are my darlings. My mates are my friend. They are crazy but I still love them. I go to a all boys school. St. joseph. I am a malay(mixs) with bidayuh(My mother side is bidayuh). May not look like one but yea I am. I swear a lot and it’s already a habit. It’s sinful but can’t help it. I don’t like rules. I hate them. My parents hates me and i hate them too. ( ♥ in my heart actually ) I have to admit. I’m not perfect at all. Not even near to it. I’m normal tall for a boy. Maybe too tall -.- 172 cm // 51 kg Under weight? Yupp. Blame my parents? Nehhh. I just don’t grow fat. Don’t be jealous :P Unless you’ve lived my life, Don’t judge me because you don’t know, Never have & never will know every little thing & detail about me. I love my life. Talk all your shit as if I give a fuck. Haters like to talk about me like I’m the best things in their life.


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Friday, 28 October 2011

My Introduction

I've never done a blog before,so this is my first one.
it's a pretty simple concept.Honestly i'm doing this blog more for myself to put some of my thoughts down on paper as it were regarding of my life and my story as well as sharing the simple thing that i enjoy and doing everyday. That being like study,play games,out-ting and etc .
Basically,if it's an story activity out in the beauty of nature then i'm interested in doing it

However,I don't mind if those other like minded souls come across it and read it or respond to it.
Hopefully at least few people will get where i'm coming from and can relate...

My full name is : Mohd Abid Bin.Mohd Ariffin
People call me : Abid or Bibiey for short.
My birthday is on : 22/march 
This is because i was born on 22/march/1994.  I will be turning 17 years old this years [[2011]]~~
Ermm,Currently in a relationship <3 with my beloved "Tiara Amira Bt.Hata"..we were like date almost 3 month :O (more story about her soon ^_^ )

Where i came from ?
Of course i came from the EARTH =D ahahaha.
Ok seriously,my hometown is at "Australia" where my father were use to born there.
And also at "Sri Aman" Which is my second hometown . <--- This one is my mother side of the village.
But currently live at "Malaysia,Sarawak,Kuching" due to both parent are working .

My Religious ?
I'm mixs <3 Islam and Bidayuh. but i more to islam =/
My father side is an "islam" (he convert to islam actually)
And my mother side is an "Bidayuh"
May not look like one but,yeah,i'm 

My currently school now is -----> SMK ST.JOSEPH. 
I was in this school since i was still a kid.
From ----> SRK ST.JOSEPH (Primary)  years 2001 till 2006
Till -----> SMK ST.JOSEPH (Secondary) years 2007 till 2011
Is there an "ST.JOSEPH" College next ? i was hoping for that =D
The reason i choose "ST.JOSEPH" is because --->
Like most of my generation are from "ST.JOSEPH"
Include my Uncle,Dad,Aunt and cousin.
And by the way,this is my last years of schooling..*EXCITED* 

Furthermore about me ------->
I swear a lot and it's already a habit.It's sinful but can't help it.
I don't like rule and i hate them (unless the rule is about enjoyable) =D
Sometime my parent hate me and like me =/ nahh,who cares,there are still my parent anyway =)
I have to admit this part,i'm not perfect at all,not even near to it.
I'm normal tall for a boy,maybe too tall ~.~
172 cm // 52 kg .
Under weight ?? OMG!!
Blame my parent, nehhhhh.
I just don't grow fat.Don't be so jealous =P 

Unless you've lived my life.
Don't judge me because you don't know & never will know every little thing & details about me.
Yup,i do love my life.Talk all your shit as i give a F***  
Haters like to talk about me like i'm the best things in their life.

Kind of people that i hate ------->
*I hate flirts.
*I hate people who thing that there are so all that.
*I hate playgirls
*I hate desperados
*I hate fakers
*I hate Sluts
*I hate small gas people
*I hate hypocrites 
*I hate betrayers
*I hate smokes (Not really -___- )
*I hate people who apply so much make up onto them-self till they don't even looks like they really are
*I hate so many things until it's impossible to list everything out X-|

To my haters.
I keep it real and that's a promise
I may be a sucker but i'm honest.
When i walk by,you stop and stare at me.
well,keep looking like i know i'm too handsome =DD ahahahah~
I got my own life and style and not trying to please you or to make you smile.
When it come to a competition you're out completely.

F.Y.I   i'm straight forward and that's the way i roll =)
Wanna know more about me ? Add me on facebook cause i always available on Facebook.

Get to know me better =)
I guarantee you won't regret for being my friend,maybe best-friend perhaps =)

Well,that's all for today =) i got to go soon.more story about me will be *UPDATE* soon,soon enough  ...

Happy Reading.
Good bye friend.
Good bye blog.
And lastly .
I love you so much sweet heart Tiara Amira Bt.Hata =)
You will always be my only one.

Good evening
Good bye ..............

To be continue........................................................................


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