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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Old Changi Hospital

Hi,here i'm again =) Good evening,today,i would like to share some interesting article about  ----> "Old Changi Hospital" Never heard of it ? and now what you about to see is the detail and info i share to you =)) No need to be scare,it's just a true story..Alright,here it is,my opinion ------->

History --------->
"Old Changi Hospital" has a long history as old as "SINGAPORE" itself. It has undergone attack, bombardment, massacre during World War II . In my previous investigation on the Chinese Massacre i identified  numerous killing grounds near "Old Changi Hospital" ...
Perhaps it is a cause and effect that nowadays many rumors of ghost haunting occurred in 
"Old Changi Hospital" area. SPI has prepared a pictorial tour exhibiting several highlighted spots of possible hauntings. In particular i have a set of very rare pictures of "Old Changi Hospital" A&E that has been demolished already. Through seeing the picture you can see the orientation of the haunted places,and if lucky, get a glimpse of ghost sighting. Each picture serves as a slice of history through which many stories, urban legends or incidents intertwined with the places. Haunted Changi is a combination of all these stories backed with history photos.
Built in 1930's, together with an A/E opposite the road and several blocks of commando barracks cum CHANGI PRISON nearby, the "Old Changi Hospital" (OCH) is situated at Netheravon Road in Changi villages. It has quite a long and rich history for being the former hospital of today's modern "Changi General Hospital" in Simei and Toa Payoh Hospital equipped with world-class facilities.

With it's classical design,one can see that (OCH) is a typical replica of buildings built by British Colonial architects in the early 20's. Surprisingly (OCH) was not meant to be a hospital when it was first built (same for the A/E). The British was planning to have a heavily guarded military location in the east of Singapore. The site was strategically selected for it is high on top of a hill overlooking the sea surrounding most of the east side and the south side of the island. For about 10 years before the war, this classical 7-story high building compound was used as military command quarters and barracks.

During the assault of the Japanese aggression from Malaya in February 1942, Changi was targeted as one of the first points. In a day or two, it was occupied by the Japanese army moving from Puala Ubin. Soon,after that (OCH) was converted to a military hospital where all the wounded soldiers and civilians were attended to. After the Japanese occupation ended, it was converted back to it's original self, as a public hospital and later with a Military ward on the third level.

From february  1997 onwards, (OCH) was closed for it's hospital operations were replaced by the new   
"Changi General Hospital" .. It got isolated and left vacant there since then. According to some insider sources, the abandoned (OCH) will remain as it is but it will be re-open for the 'PUBLIC' soon during 2005 for the Army Camp or for the Officer Cadet School (OCS) trainees..

However, stories about the building being haunted started in the early 40's. The Hospital itself had 70+ year of rich history when it survived fro the dreadful "World War II" that took place from 1942 that happened there. Therefore, seeing spirits of all races and of different nationals wandering around in the compound would be a common sight.
If you are thinking of visiting the Hospital in the hope of bumping into a spirit of any nature, go with 2 or 3 friends. If you go beyond that,you will never see it as they are all hiding the window pane or the back of the door WATCHING at you . Bur of course, you can go there alone, however you will never find yourself ALONE!!!....

Is changi a very haunted place by spirit ?
Yes i think,through my research ,we have collected a series of urban legends with a great photo that make your imagination run wild ....

The photos and info of "Old Changi Hospital" ------->

The look-up view of OCH, the entrance, and the long steep stairs leading up on the slope.
Nowadays OCH is a restricted state land and trespassers will be prosecuted.  Entering needs a special permit from the government.


Playground For The Rumbles =
We stepped into Detroit?  Close to it.  For it has been abandoned for several years and initially was quite loosely guarded, OCH has become a wonderland for many adventurers.  It is such a famous 'must see' landmark for Changi Chalet goers at night when they get tired of TV and chit-chats.  There was a joke saying that on Saturday evening as soon as sunset, there would be more people queuing up to go into OCH than to Golden Village Cinema!  It is not hard to see groups of people carrying torches marching along Netheravon Road to the direction of OCH.  With much curiosity, most of them want to get a chill on this reputed haunted place.  However, some "talented" rumbles have vandalized the interior by smashing the windows, cracking the walls, burning trashes, and painting Graffiti all over the wall.  To exploit this antique building further, some even performed Satanic cults on the top level room!  As a result, this has forced the government put on more security guards at the front and back entrances, more policemen and dogs on patrols...  There were police reports that people went missing at OCH.  Looking at the physical dangers filled with that place, we wouldn't be surprised.

Most of the detachable items have been torn down.  Look at that antenna which is about to fall in the 1st photo.  Almost every wall has got sprayed Graffiti.  In the last photo, it was 
painted "Shane Died Here".


The Haunted Wards =
Inside the OCH compound, you can see many wards with high ceilings.  Notice that the wards and rooms are never closed up.  This design makes air ventilation easier for the wards didn't have any air-cond but ceiling fans!  Now those wards are totally left empty except some fixtures such as fans, wall-mounted switches, basins and some built-up platforms on the floor.  By using a bit of imagination, one can vaguely resemble how it was like when the wards were in use.  Rows of sick-beds lined up the place, wounded soldiers and ill patients suffered and mourned in pain.  Doctors and nurses in white robes busy walking in and out of the wards.  Many patients who could not make it had their last breath right there...

You can see the ceilings are of about two storey high.  The walls are not built all the way from bottom to top.  Air spaces were left there.


The Torture Chamber =
Perhaps this is the 2nd most scariest place in OCH after the mortuary.  Out of so many wards and rooms, we found one that is remarkably different.  Even for today it has a kind of emergency red-and-white plastic tape barring it off from access.  It didn't seems to safe guard people from any physical danger inside the room, but may be from something else...  This particular room (rather we call it a chamber) unlike the others with open wall ends on top is completely self-contained.  The walls are made of thick solid concrete and unpainted.  Further inside you will see some concrete built-up structure as if it was used for securing something tight on the floor.  One of the horrible signs is the metal chains with one end set loose and the other end securely fixed on the wall.  It seemed strong enough to tie up a tiger.  And, you can see maroon colored blood stains are still left on the floor.  Absolutely horrible.  One would expect to see such a chamber in a prison but never in a hospital!  But don't forget, this is a military hospital used by the Japanese.  There are many undocumented stories saying that during the war many "important" citizens and POWs were detained at OCH.  Most had never been seen again, and they were believed to be tortured to death over here.

The torture chamber; ruined toilet; and (amazingly) a computer server room with equipment found intact on the rack!

A Mystery Of Underground Bunker =
There are rumors saying that OCH has an underground bunker under the hill that connects to the barracks nearby.  We found some suspicious spots that very few people know about.  The first spot is the main lift at OCH inside has a button for going underground.  But the lift now is immobilized.  The second and third spots are the hastily sealed up mound by simply dumping plenty of concrete at the ground floor staircase, and the exit door at the other end of the building got tightly nailed shut respectively.  This clue suggested us to believe firmer that such an underground bunker exists.  Throughout the 70 years of history from pre-war British occupation to post-war Japanese occupation, it would be beyond our imagination on what secret treasures may have hidden down there.  Having those main entrances to the underground bunker completely sealed up on the ground floor and the fact that we were not able to break in (and we never wanted to do that), we had to look for a secret passage if there is any.  A bold idea though it turned out as a failure is to try search for the secret passage from top-down.  Right on the top of the building there is a small open look-out space.  From there we found a chimney which we suspected is connected to the underground bunker.  People who were in underground did need some air vent for breathing.  Ok, true enough, this was what supported our believed.  However, like a long tunnel, the chimney was so narrow that can barely allow one person climbing in and out.  By using some special equipment we descended our camera deep down to the tunnel and captured some photos.  We were counting the depth as the camera went down: 1 meter, 2 meter, 3, 4, 5 ...  The tunnel was long and deep even our strongest halogen light could not reach the bottom.  It looked as if it were leading to hell.  After 20 meters or so, we had found bats resting on the wall of the tunnel for one moment, but they were gone for the next.  What does this suggest?  The tunnel was not dead-ended and down there may live a kingdom of bats!  A thought of it made us shivered.  So for our safety, we called off this exploration, and we do strongly advise people PLEASE DON'T TRY IT.  If you can ever get in, there will be more likely to have another police report of man missing in OCH than you can safely walk out in one whole piece.
(1) A horrible sight of unreachable deep far darkness in the roof.
(2) This is the small door exit from which one can climb to the roof-top void deck.  Its size allows only one person to go through at a time

(3) tunnel that we speculated leading to the underground bunker
(4) Roof-top of OCH connecting two adjacent look-out void deck

Finally, A Beautiful Scene At The East =
There is no exaggeration to say this is one of the most beautiful scenes in Singapore.  Facing east, we could have grasped the first beam of morning sunray high on the roof-top void deck.  Magnificent views of Johor and Puala Ubin can be seen from there in a way that could never be seen elsewhere.  With such far reaching sights under our eyes, we further reinforced our belief that OCH was originally built with the mind to keep a look out on enemy ships from the eastern and northern sea shores.  Decades ago, where we were standing are used to be surveillance posts that had soldiers on duty guard.

(1) Observation void-deck, now a victim of vandalism
(2) A sense of serenity before dawn
(3) The first beam of sunlight - Good Morning Singapore

An Eerie Scene At The East =
Most people who went to OCH would have asked this FAQ: where is mortuary?  Although they looked up and down, level by level and corner by corner in the OCH compound, they would never find it.  The mortuary is not located in the main buildings but in a small timber house at the most west side of the OCH territory.  There is a small road that connects to it from behind the hill.  Most people wouldn't notice about it.  And that is the idea.  Just like we don't prominently see vehicles that deliver corpses running around the roads.  With the kind permission of the security guard and our privileges from NHB, we were allowed to walk near the mortuary to take a picture.  "There is nothing special there, my friends.  All the fridges are now empty ones", the security guard exclaimed.

"The compound was or rather is really haunted. The spirits are especially active on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” according to the security guard with a definite voice tone.  "Usually we can only see them with their back facing us, they seldom show their front," he added.  Door slamming, lady screaming in the middle of the night is already a norm thing for him. 

On one particular incident at around 1:45 AM, a strong gust of wind blew suddenly when he was reading the paper, making his hair stood on ends.  As he raised his head to take a peek at the surrounding, he saw two ladies, a Malay and the other Chinese, standing just 1 meter beside him.  When asked about how he feels about his job as a night guard, he said that it was scary in the beginning but he is used to it now.  Up to now, the mortuary was still well maintained.  It allows accommodation up to a maximum of four corpses.
The white quarter on the left is the mortuary.  The green light that looks like ghost light is actually the light from the guard house.  It certainly takes a bravo to night guard this eerie place.


Here Some Videos about Old Changi Hospital -------->
Just simply Click on this Link below :


Well,that's all for today.
Hope you enjoy the article i just share to you all about "Old Changi Hospital"
Scary isn't it ? If no.Better try and visit there by yourself all alone and let see how you can survive your fear =)))
More interesting Articles and Story will be *UPDATE* soon......................

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Happy Reading............
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  1. is it free or permission required to visit changi hospital??

  2. @Rezaul Islam you have to man the fuck up and climb over the fences like a fucking boss to get in, Thug Life


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